A Million Sticky Kisses

In 2009, Sally Rose’s life-long dream of teaching English abroad becomes a reality when she goes to Chile as a volunteer teacher. Some days, her dream is more like a nightmare as she struggles with both the language and the culture. From avaricious school owners to chaotic classrooms, she is confronted with the complexities of being a “stranger in a strange land” while striving to make a difference for her students.

“A Million Sticky Kisses” tells the story of my first visits to Chile as a volunteer English teacher. It is available in print and ebook versions on Amazon.

Judge Nº. 53, at the 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, commented:
This highly engaging book captures the time an American teacher taught school in Chile and the difficulties she faced as well as the accomplishments she achieved. The writer describes her experiences and immersion in a foreign culture with great candor, insights, and perceptions. Readers can easily share in her daily life which takes in food, laundry, subway rides (and unwanted attention from fellow riders), and many everyday activities. Dealing with school administrators shows the complexities of being an English teacher in a foreign land. Creation of lasting friendships as well as touching interactions with young students give the book an endearing quality. The first-person writing is both revealing, lucid, and warmly personal. The short and well-written chapters are easy to read as one follows the writer’s schedule. The sprinkling of Spanish words and expressions, with English translations, lend a fine linguistic charm to the academic as well as social elements.

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