Beware of Elves

I've been here in Chile almost three weeks now. It's been a quiet time of visiting with friends and getting my feet on the ground. When I say quiet, I mean mostly "silent." Compared to my old apartment, which is just a couple of blocks away, this fifth-floor apartment...
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Dear Anita: Advice from a Returned Expat

After last week's blog post, I received the following message from a friend. She's a repatriated expat, who lived in Turkey for two years. Like me, she has many doubts about being back in the US. Many "Is this where I belong?" questions. Many moments of "The grass is...
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Foreign, but Familiar

Dateline: Santiago de Chile It's Saturday night. I'm watching a cooking show on Chilean TV and catching about every third word. My Spanish is a little rusty. The show's hosts are down in southern Chile, in Puerto Varas, sampling Torta de Murta. It looks pretty darned...
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Happiest of Birthdays, Sir Paul

After a shopping trip last week, I sat in the car to look over the bill. My visits to Walmart usually aren't very costly, but this bill seemed high. I mentally tallied each item. The blood pressure cuff that I'd thought was $28 turned out to be $45. Must have been...
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Last Tuesday, when I went down to my apartment lobby to check the mail, another woman was there at the same time. Sigi's* a little German lady who's probably lived here since the building opened back in the '60's. I was a little taken aback that she was standing there...
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some of my books

A Million Sticky Kisses, the story of a gringa teacher in Chile, is the story of my first visits to Chile as a volunteer English teacher. Described as a “charming and inspiring” book, you’ll laugh, maybe cry, and along the way, you’ll learn a little about life in Chile.

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Penny Possible, the true story of a service dog in training, is a “delightfully written and illustrated” book. Golden Retriever, Penny, takes you on her adventures during her two years of training to be a service dog.

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I’m tickled pink to have my story, “What Mattered Most,” selected for this anthology. “Once Upon An Expat” was conceived and edited by Expat Canadian Mom, Lisa Webb.

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about me

I am Sally Rose, writer and teacher. Most of all, I am a learner.

Born and raised in the piney woods of East Texas, I lived in the Cajun Country of Louisiana, the plains of Oklahoma, the “enchanted” land of New Mexico, and the Big Apple, New York City, before moving overseas to Santiago de Chile where I now reside.

I’ve always been a scribbler. When I was a preteen, I faithfully kept a diary. Writing was a way to release and process thoughts and feelings, to review and reflect on actual events in my life, even on days when I wrote, “Nothing happened today.”

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